Thursday, February 7, 2008

Independent Investigation of Death Row Inmate's Suicide

Fort Bend Now reports that the Office of the Inspector General will be conducting an investigation into the suicide of mentally ill death row inmate William Robinson ("Office Of Inspector General To Review Prison Suicide," February 7, 2008). Robinson, 49, was found hanging by a bed sheet on February 1, 2008 in the Jester IV Unit, a mental health unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

"Such an investigation is conducted any time a prisoner dies in custody, TDCJ spokesman Jason Clark said.

'Anytime there is a death of an offender, the Office of Inspector General is notified,' Clark said. 'The OIG is a separate entity and they conduct a thorough investigation.'

Clark stressed that there are no indications that the case was anything other than a suicide and that the OIG investigation is routine.

Robinson, 49, was found hanging by a bed sheet early yesterday morning in his single-man cell at the Jester 4 unit in eastern Fort Bend County. Robinson was being held in Jester 4, a mental health unit within the prison system, for evaluation following what the prison system described as 'mutilation' incidents. ..."

"Prison system spokesperson Michelle Lyons said that Robinson had been confined in the Jester unit since last September. While Lyons was not able to discuss the nature of Robinson’s emotional disorder due to privacy restrictions, Lyons did confirm that he had previously been treated at the unit 'on several occasions.'

Robinson was awaiting death by lethal injection for the 1985 robbery and murder of 26-year-old Steven Creasey in the Montrose area of Houston."

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caltrinna said...

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